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OpenAI's CEO described the ideal AI as "a super-competent colleague who knows everything about my life but doesn't feel like an extension.". Let’s explore more!

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

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X (formerly Twitter) launches a new feature that uses Grok, an AI chatbot, to summarize trending stories on the For You section. The summaries offer a brief overview of popular stories, exclusively for Premium subscribers.

The inside scoop

  • X's Grok-powered Stories provide summaries for trending topics on the platform.

  • Grok's summaries offer a quick take on each trending story, with an additional warning that Grok's outputs might require verification.

  • Grok creates summaries based solely on the discussions happening on X.

Our thoughts?

Grok-powered summaries offer quick insights into trends on X, but they rely on user conversations, not full articles, which could lead to incomplete or misleading information. The feature could become a valuable tool for accessing news quickly. But if it doesn't, it risks becoming another source of misinformation and controversy.

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A project management tool for marketing teams designed to complete projects faster and with more impact. It centralizes business intelligence, offers context-aware AI for planning, and lets users assign tasks to AI agents.

  • Create AI-driven marketing strategies tailored to your business context and goals.

  • Build detailed business profiles from your website, including niche and target audience.

  • Assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor progress with timeline tools.

  • Align marketing plans with product goals using role-based KPIs.

🐦️ X of the day

AI is redefining VFX! Check out these 7 jaw-dropping videos that showcase the revolution in action. 👇️
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💻 Mastery tools of the day

Noodle4 - Upload your content and analyze it against briefs using a simple UX. (Link)

Creatoor - Create high-quality Instagram Reels featuring your AI Avatar with just one prompt. (Link)

LangWatch - Improves your LLM workflows and helps prevent risks like jailbreaking, data leaks, and hallucinations. (Link)

AI Bot - Create AI assistants with any model (OpenAI, Azure, Claude) and connect them to your tools and databases. (Link)

Rankify - AI keyword researcher, describe your business, enter seed keywords, or outline your ideal keywords. (Link)

🧠 Master something new

AI transforming business processes for more productive workflows! (Link)

Use AI to repurpose blog posts into various content formats! (Link)

Learn how Einstein Copilot can improve your sales, service, and marketing! (Link)

Use ChatGPT to streamline keyword research and plan SEO content! (Link)

🤖 Prompt of the day

This prompt will be useful for testing the most effective ad messages, allowing you to optimize your advertising approach.

Suggest [number] different ad copy variations that are designed for [specific audience], emphasize the [specific benefit/feature] of my [product/service], and evoke [specific emotion/psychological trigger].

[number] = [Insert here]
[specific audience] = [Insert here]
[product/service] = [Insert here]
[specific emotion/psychological trigger] = [Insert here]

See you next time - Loukman

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