Microsoft unveils Phi-3 AI models

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Microsoft researchers have developed a new class of smaller, yet more capable, language models called Phi-3, inspired by children's books, that promise to make AI more accessible.

The inside scoop

  • Phi-3 models are small but outperform models of similar or larger size in language, coding, and math tasks.

  • The concept came from Ronen Eldan, who observed his daughter's language learning, leading to a new training approach with carefully selected datasets.

  • The initial Phi-3-mini model (3.8 billion parameters) offers high performance with fewer resources, available through Microsoft Azure AI, Hugging Face, and other platforms.

  • Microsoft plans to release additional Phi-3 models with 7 billion and 14 billion parameters for more flexibility.

  • Trained with high-quality data, reducing the risk of unwanted outputs.

Our thoughts?

Phi-3 models are an exciting development in AI, offering smaller, more efficient language models that can still perform complex tasks. Their potential for increased accessibility and more versatile applications could pave the way for a more inclusive AI future

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