Meta teases Llama 3 model rollout

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ChatGPT usage among U.S. adults rises to 23% by February 2024, up from 18% in July 2023. For work tasks, usage jumps to 20% from 8% in March 2023. Let's uncover more insights!

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Meta confirmed the upcoming release of Llama 3, its next-generation large language model, within the next month.

The inside scoop

  • Meta aims to power multiple products across its platform with Llama 3, addressing previous criticisms of limited AI capabilities.

  • With an expected 140 billion parameters, Llama 3 is set to handle a wider range of questions, including more controversial topics, aiming for widespread user adoption.

  • Different versions with varying capabilities will be released throughout the year.

  • The initial release is speculated to include two small, non-multimodal versions, with a larger multimodal version expected later.

  • Llama 3 is anticipated to offer multimodal support, enabling input of text and images for responses.

Our thoughts?

Looking ahead, the promise of multimodal support in Llama 3, facilitating both text and image inputs, signals a significant advancement poised to enhance versatility and adaptability across diverse industries. Meta's forward-thinking open-source strategy with the Llama family is anticipated to cultivate a collaborative environment among developers, nurturing innovation.

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