ChatGPT now login-free for instant chatting

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Forbes Advisor finds that 64% of business owners see AI as key to better customer relationships, which shows its role in improving client interactions. Let's probe a bit further!

Here’s what’s going on in the world of AI today:

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OpenAI made a significant update, ChatGPT users can now engage in conversations without the hassle of logging in.

The inside scoop

  • Certain features like customization and data saving remain exclusive to logged-in accounts.

  • Users gain control over data privacy with a convenient one-click option to opt out of model training.

  • Additional content safeguards have been introduced, including blocking prompts and generations in various categories.

  • Access without login gradually expands across 185 countries.

Our thoughts?

OpenAI's choice to let users access ChatGPT without logging in makes things easier, this development marks a significant stride towards democratizing AI access while upholding user privacy and safety.

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