Apple considers OpenAI for new iPhone AI features

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Apple released OpenELM, a family of small open-source language models optimized for iPhones and Macs. Let's uncover more!

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Apple is exploring new AI integrations with OpenAI to enhance iPhone features in the upcoming iOS 18.

The inside scoop

  • Apple has resumed talks with OpenAI to use its technology in new features for the iPhone, specifically in iOS 18.

  • Alongside OpenAI, Apple is also in discussions with Alphabet’s Google about licensing its Gemini chatbot.

  • Apple has not committed to any partnership yet and is considering various AI technology providers, including OpenAI and Google.

  • The next iOS update will likely contain AI-powered features, with Apple seeking to maintain strong privacy protections.

Our thoughts?

The possible collaboration between Apple and OpenAI is a significant step in advancing generative AI features for iPhones. Relying on external partners allows Apple to move quickly in the generative AI space and the outcome of these discussions could set the tone for the integration of AI in future Apple products and influence how privacy is managed alongside AI innovation.

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